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The best men's watches under...

I started this blog because of my affinity for watches.  When I started this blog, my collection of watches was not very large yet.  It started with replica MontBlanc my mom brought me from her time in China.  A little after that, I was given my grandfather's watch.  A Bulova 23.  I'm not exactly sure on the year, but it's right around 1960.  It's a cool watch.  So small compared to modern watches, and it doesn't keep great time right now, I think it needs a little repair, but still a very cool watch.  After that I purchased an inexpensive smart watch from Ebay.  That watch quickly became my daily watch.  It had too many convenience features not to be wearing it constantly, unfortunately, it will not sync with the new version of Android, and now it sits.

I also recently got a Shinola.  The most expensive watch in my collection at this time, and I love it.  I really really wish that Shinola would start using mechanical movements, that is my only knock on them as of this time.  We will see how well the Shinola holds up, but I love this watch.

I have no intentions on stopping there.  I have had my eyes on this and that, and once my budget allows I will be adding them to my collection.

This all brings me back to The Best Men's Watches Under...

I am a researcher by nature.  I can obsess about a subject until I have rung it dry.  I am doing that as I write this, about men's watches.  It is a very interesting world of striking men's wear and what better to do with all this excess information, than to spill it out in words for the masses.

I hope you enjoy and find the best men's watches under...  I plan to enjoy writing it.


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