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The Best Men's Watches for under 100 Dollars in 2017

Some of the original brands that made the first 5 best men's watches for under 100 dollars were Seiko, Bulova, Citizen, Orient and Momentum.  I have a funny feeling that some of the same companies will be appearing today on the 2017 version of the five best men's watches for under 100 dollars.

For this list I want companies that have a track record of making quality watches for a long time.  Generally if you are going to spend 100 dollars for a watch, you expect to get a watch that will stand up to the rigors of life and still look good as well.

Here is the link for the original 5 best men's watches under 100 dollars.  And if you feel like 100 dollars is a little above your price point, you may want to take a look at the last 5 best men's watches for under 50 dollars.  

The 5 Best Men's Watches for under 100 Dollars

Model: 96B104
Case: 37 mm, Stainless steel
Band: 20 mm
Movement: Japanese Quartz (Miyota)
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Date
Battery: Nonstandard
Water resistance: 30 M/99 ft.

I have said this before, but I have a bit of a soft spot for Bulova.  I was given my grandfathers' Bulova 23, and I love that watch, I wear it all the time.  And since I recently lost my grandfather, it has a little more importance to me.

That being said, I had a Bulova on the original Best men's watches under 100, so I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could have another one on the list for 2017.  And low-and-behold, I was able to find another one, with really no problem what so ever.

The Bulova chose for this list is a Classic model, and I would consider it a real classic in appearance.  It is a 37mm diameter watch, which is closer to something I would consider classic.  It is not some huge monstrosity attached to your wrist.  It has a clean, smooth bezel.  The case is made of stainless steel. It has a small crown located at the 3 o'clock position.  The face of the watch is silver, and the hour markers are tick marks made from raised stainless, and there is a date window located at the 3 o'clock position.

The band is a 20mm leather band with a buckle style clasp, which is also made of stainless steel.

I like the looks of this watch a lot, but I am partial to this style.  I think it is clean and easy to read, and watches like this look great on the wrist.  And on top of all of that, you can find this watch on Amazon for about 75 dollars, yup, 75 dollars.

Recraft Series
Model: SNKN01
Case: 43.5mm, Stainless Steel
Band: 24 mm
Movement: Seiko Automatic Calibre 7S26
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Date
Water resistance: 50 M/150 ft.

I make no appologies for being a Seiko fan.  I have a watch that looks very very similar to this
recraft, but it is from the 70's, I love the thing, it is a tad bit funky, but if you like a little funk in your life, I would recommend you check out their Recraft line of watches.  They are pretty cool.

Previously I had the Series 5 in the 100 dollar slot, but seriously, this is a much better fit.  It is sometimes a hard one to track down, but you should be able to snag it for right around 95 dollars, if your lucky.  If you are not, you are either not going to find it or it will cost you something more along the lines of 140 dollars, it will all depend on where you find it.

It has a larger square case, measuring in at 43.5mm, it it made out of stainless steel, with a crown located at the 3 o'clock position.  It has a Hardlex crystal lens and a see through back.  It also has a fairly wide band, measuring 24mm, and being made from leather, with a buckle style clasp.

The dial is gray in the center, fading to black along the outer edges, it has Arabic numbers at the 5 minute markers along the outer rim, and it uses large tick inner markings to designate the hours.  The watch also has a day/date window located at the 3 o'clock position.

This is a pretty cool Seiko for under 100 dollars.  It may be one of the only Seikos for under 100 beisdes the series 5 watches.  It is a pretty good looker, in my book.

Model: BM6980-08E
Case: 42 mm, Stainless steel
Band: Black leather
Movement: Japanese Quartz (Eco-Drive J165)
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Day
Water resistance: 100 M/333 ft.

Originally I talked about the company in these little blurbs, but again, Citizen is a watch brand I have covered here, on the best men's watches under, so I will not be doing that today.  Instead I will talk about the watch I am choosing today.  The Citizen Men's Drive is the entry level watch for Citizen, you may be hard pressed to find it for under 100 dollars, but it is available, if you look, for around 90.  It features Citizens' patented Eco-Drive system.  Which is basically a form of solar power.  They used the watch dial face as the solar panel, which makes it virtually impossible to tell it is a solar powered watch.

This Citizen Drive sports a 42mm stainless steel case, with the crown at the 3 o'clock position.  It has a thin, smooth bezel and a scratch resistant mineral crystal lens.  The face of the watch is black, with raised stainless steel tick marks at the odd hours and small black tick marks for the even hours.  It has a date window located at the 3 o'clock position and the hands and crown have a green inlaid luminescence.  The band is black leather with a buckle style clasp.

I was never a Citizen fan, until last year, I actually got to handle one of the Atomic Time Citizens, and I found it really nice.  Citizen is a brand that I will try to own at some point in my life.

Capitol Quartz
Model: FUG1R003W/UG1R003W
Case: 40.5 mm, Stainless steel
Band: 22mm, Leather
Movement: HS911 Quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Day, Date
Water resistance: 30M

The best men's watches under 100
Orient is another long lived Japanese watchmaker.  Founded, in Japan in 1950.  They have been producing time pieces ever since.  In 2001, it has been a subsidiary of Seiko since 2001, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko since 2009.  Their main product is mechanical hand wind or self wound watches.

This watch, unfortunatly does not fall into the mechanical movement catigory, but for under 100 dollars, it is a little tricky to find a mechanical watch worth talking about.

This watch is nice though, the 40.0mm stainless steel case has clean, sharp lines, giving it a bit of a vintage feel to it, the crown is located at the traditional 3 o'clock position and the white face is also simple and clean, with thin, stainless steel dash lines at the hour markers, and polished stainless steel hour, minute and second hands.  The face also has a Day and date window which is also located at the 3 o'clock position.

Orient makes quality watches, they have been making watches for some time.  And with them being owned by Seiko, I am very confident you will not be disappointed with your purchase of an Orient watch.

Momentum by St. Moritz Watch Corp.
Steelix Field Watch
Model: 1M-SP74B7G
Case: 44 mm, Stainless steel
Band: 22 mm, Canvas
Movement: Japanese Quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Date
Battery: Silver Oxide cell (3-5 years)
Water resistance: 200 M/600 ft

The best men's watches under 100
This Momentum Steelix was on the original best men's watches under 100 dollars.  And in that list, I explained about companies like Momentum.  I think I will explain it again, because it is an important point.  They basically assemble the watches.  They source quality components and put the watches together from outside pieces.  It's something to consider when choosing watches.

But I like the products.  They have been in business for about 30 years and i have talked to quite a few people that have watches that are nearly that old and still working with no issues.

The Steelix is the entry level watch offered by Momentum.  It has a 44mm stainless steel case, it has a smooth bezel, and the crown is located at the 4 o'clock position.  The dial is black and the markings on the dial are white with a indiglo.  They use Arabic numerals in the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 o'clock positions.  The watch hands also are tipped in indiglo.  There is a date window located at the 3 o'clock position.  The movement is a Japanese quartz (I believe it to be a Miyota).  It is finished off with at 22mm canvas band,

The watch is rated up to 200m depth and is one of my favorite looking dive watches...  Ok, so it isn't a true dive watch but I still think it's good looking.

Classic White/Tan
Case: 45mm, Stainless Steel
Band: 24 mm, Leather
Movement: Miyota Quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Date
Water resistance: 30 M/100 ft

If I have a chance to promote American companies, I have to take it.  I love seeing that there are American watchmakers sprouting up again, and I love seeing that you can get an American built watch for under 100 dollars.

MVMT has been in business since 2013, started by two fellows who dropped out of college and used crowd funding to start the company, they amassed a social media following of over 1 million people and have taken off in a very short time.  Much props to Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante.

The White and Tan Classic is what I would call the entry level watch offered by MVMT.  It has a 45mm stainless steel case, with a smallish crown located at the 3 o'clock position.  The bezel is smooth and fairly small, really emphasizing the dial face, which is large and white.  It has tick marks, of raised stainless to indicate the hours, and has a date window located at the 3 o'clock position as well.  The lens is hardened mineral crystal, and the band is 24mm wide and made of leather.  It has a buckle style clasp, and overall, is an extremely clean looking watch.  I really like it.  It reminds me of some Bulovas, and we all know my feelings about Bulova.

If you have a hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, I would recommend you check out MVMT if you are having a hard time deciding.  I think you will be extremely satisfied if you like the looks of this watch.

Wrap up

I really enjoyed making the 5 best men's watches for under 100 dollars.  I liked it the first time, and I am really liking it this time.  It is probably because I am a lot more familiar with watches in general this time around.  I think the MVMT brand watches are something I will try to cover in the future, I like reveiwing the American companiess.  I hope you have enjoy this best mens watches under list, and I hope you come back soon.


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