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The Best Men's Fashion Watches for Under... Part 1

The time has come for me to look at fashion watches.  I guess any watch can technically be a fashion watch, but what I refer to is the companies that are concerned more with look than function.  That is not to say these watches will be garbage in a pretty jacket, but that, as a company, they will be geared towards looks.

Companies like Fossil, and Tag Hauer, Diesel, and Guess may make an appearance on this list.  But they are not the only possibilities, only the companies that come to mind when I first think about men's fashion watches.

I intend these to still be quality timepieces, and will plan to choose companies that have strong track records with quality control.  I would not expect to see start ups, that are slapping their logo on mass produced watches, but are in the business for long term success, not a quick buck

The Best Men's Fashion Watches for Under...

The Best Men's Fashion Watch for under 50 Dollars

Best men's fashion watches under
Swatch is one of the largest
Model: SUON114
Case: 41mm Silicone
Band: Silicone
Movement: Quartz
Function: HH, MM, SS
Water resistance: 30M/160ft

The Swatch Group is a company I have not included on my lists yet.  Which strikes me as a huge surprise.  Considering we have seen quite a few watches owned by Swatch, and filled with Swatch parts.

The Swatch group was formed in 1983, when the two Swiss companies, ASUAG and SSIH merged.  Swatch also owns Omega and Longines watch companies, along with ETA and Blancpain.  This company is a giant in the Swiss watch industry.

The Computerion is a spin on the classic swatch watches. It is a silicone band and a 41mm plastic cased watch with the crown at the 3 o'clock position.  The watch is all teal, and the dial has silver and teal rings in a alternating pattern.  The hands are polished steel and the band has a buckle style clasp.

The swatch watch uses a ETA quarts movement, and should be a quality watch for under 50 dollars.  I have generally found the watch for around 48 dollars.  It is a funky watch for someone looking for a little funk on their wrist.

The Best Men's Fashion Watch for Under 100 Dollars

Coachman Chronograph Leather
Model: CH2891P
Case: 44mm Stainless steel
Band: 22mm, Leather
Movement: Quartz chronograph
Function: HH, MM, SS, Date, Chronograph
Water resistance: 100M/330ft

Best men's fashion watches under
Fossil has been making
popular fashion watches
for many years.
Again, I am presenting you with another company I have not added to any of my lists yet.  And again, it was no slight to the Fossil Group.  I think they are a solid company that has made solid products for quite a few years now.

Fossil Group was founded, in America, in 1984, and began as a company that sold Chinese watches branded as Fossil.  By 2001 they had begun buying up watch companies, one being Zodiac, a swiss watchmaker, and several others.  

Fossil now has manufacturing facilities in China and Switzerland, and are one of the bigger watch makers in the world, specializing is fashion watches.

The Coachman chronograph leather is a chunky looking watch, with a wide backer band, large riveted brown leather band.  The case is 44mm stainless steel with the crown at the 3 o'clock position, and the chronograph function buttons at the 2 & 4 o'clock positions.  The bezel has Arabic numerals marking the minutes at ten minute increments, and the face is black, with gold markers.  The hands are also gold along with the rings around the chronograph sub dials, which are at the 3, 6 & 9 o'clock positions.  The watch also has a date window at the 4:30 position..

The Fossil Coachman Chronograph Leather is a pretty good looking watch and Fossil is a decent watch producer.  And for under 100 dollars, I think this watch is a good buy.  I have found the watch on Amazon for around 93 dollars, and with some looking you might be able to find it even cheaper.

The Best Men's Fashion Watch for Under 200 Dollars

Russian Diver
Model: 1243
Case: 51.5mm Stainless steel
Band: 26mm Polyurethane
Movement: Mechanical hand wind
Functions: HH, MM
Battery: N/A
Water resistance: 50M/165ft

Best men's fashion watches under
Invicta is a very popular
fashion watchmaker.
Invicta is a company that I have always viewed as being fashion watches, and I am pretty sure they do not claim to be anything else.  Their watches are stylish, and they have been producing watches for quite some time now.

The Russian Diver watch is no exception.  It is a full skeleton faced watch, it is huge, at 51.5m.  The case is gold plated, stainless steel.  It has a over sized crown at the 3 o'clock position.  The hands are black with a luminescence material imbued in a stripe down the center of each hands.  The band is polyurethane, with gold plated stainless steel features on it.  It has a buckle style clasp.

The Movement is a mechanical, 17 jewel, and wind movement. The watch is pretty cool looking, and it is huge.  It is a watch that nobody will be able to miss.

I have found the watch for around 195 dollars, putting it right at the top of the 200 dollar price limit.  But if you want something that everyone will notice, this watch will not disappoint you.

The Best Men's Fashion Watch for Under 500 Dollars

Best men's fashion watches under
Diesel makes unique watches
that offer tons of wow factor.
Daddy Series
Model: DZ7258
Case: 51mm, Stainless steel
Band: Leather
Movement: Quartz
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Date, Chronograph
Water resistance: 20M/66ft

Diesel is an Italian retail clothing and fashion company that has been in business since 1978.  They started selling watches in the early 2000's, in a partnership with Fossil.  Their watches tend to be large, and very bold.  And the Daddy's series watches are definitely watches that fall into that category.

The Daddy is a chronograph with a huge 51mm stainless steel case.  It has a crown at the 3 o'clock position and a second crown at the 9 o'clock position.  It also has the chronograph function buttons at the 2 & 4 o'clock positions.  The face is gunmetal and had a primary dial, 3 chronograph sub dials, and a secondary time dial at the 9 o'clock position.  The band is brown leather, and has a buckle clasp.

The Diesel is unique, that is to say the least.  People will notice this watch and wonder how you can tell the time on something like this.  It will draw an eye and it is very stylish.  It is my impression that the watch is probably built completely by Fossil and branded as a Diesel, which is a common practice with fashion companies, and it should be a quality product.

I can usually find the Daddy for around 300 dollars.  It seems to be an awful lot of watch for around 300 dollars.  It is even a chronograph.  If you are looking for a seriously unique and bold looking watch, this is a good choice.

Wrap Up

Fashion watches are not something I have given much thought about.  It is a hard thing for me to write about.  I prefer to look at the guts of a watch and find products that should be well made, not watches that look good first and consider quality as secondary, mostly because I don't really think my tastes are anything special.  I have tried, and I will continue this in The Best Men's Fashion Watches for Under... Part 2, where we will cover watches that are 1000 dollars and up.

The best men's watches under blog attempts to provide the best men's watches for any given prices, and that even applies to watches that gear towards almost strictly to appearance.  These are good companies though, and the product should reflect that.


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