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The Best Men's Rolex Watches for Under...

The holy grail of watches are the Rolex, to many people.  There is a level of  prestige given to someone with a Rolex on their wrist.  And for good reason.  Rolex has justified their cost in many ways. Today we are going to cover Rolex,  A London company that has been producing some of the worlds finest watches since 1905.  Rolex has not only made wonderful watches, but has been an innovator in the watch industry throughout its life.  It made the first waterproof watch in 1926, and, they also made the first watch with a automatically changing date window on the face, along with several other significant breakthroughs in the watch world.  It makes them a company you should always consider, if it is a +5000 dollar watch you would be looking for.

So lets go ahead and get right into it!

The Best Men's Rolex Watches for Under...

The Best Men's Rolex Watch for under 5000 Dollars

Oyster Perpetual 34
Model: 114200
Case: 34mm, Stainless steel
Band: Stainless steel linked
Movement: Rolex automatic 3130
Functions: HH, MM, SS
Battery: N/A
Water resistance: 100M

Of course this watch made my 5 best men's watches for under 5000 dollars list.  I am not a fanboy of Rolex, but I do appreciate longevity and quality and Rolex is the epitome of both.  This company makes remarkably nice watches, and the Rolex weight carries some serious weight.

The 34mm stainless steel case is fairly small, very reminiscent of older watches.  The crown is at the 3 o'clock position,  and the sapphire lens is surrounded by a polished stainless steel bezel.  The silver face has the Arabic numerals at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock locations and the crown is sitting at the 12 o'clock.  The hour, minute and second hands are polished, and the hour and minute hands have a luminous insert.  The stainless steel, 3 link band has a Oyster clasp on it.

The 3130 Rolex movement.  It is a 31 jewel, automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve.  It has been in production since 2001.

I like this watch quite a bit more than I did when I originally looked at it.  I originally had a anti-Rolex sentiment, but I had it for no good reason, other than some resentment for the fact that I cannot afford one a the moment, I assume.

But This watch seems to run right around 4000 dollars, and I believe it to be a great buy for someone who wants to own a Rolex, or a beginner collector.

The Best Men's Rolex Watch for Under 10,000 Dollars

Datejust II 41mm
Model: 116300
Case: 41mm, Steel & Gold
Band: Stainless steel
Movement: 3136
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Date
Water resistance: 100M/330ft

The Datejust is a classic watch.  It has been made by Rolex for over 50 years.  It was the first watch to get the automatic date window, and although the watch has changed in appearance, it is really close to what the originals looked like.

The 41mm stainless steel watch case has its crown at the 3 o'clock position.  The silver face has Arabic numerals marking the 5 minute marks, along with polished dash marks at the hours markers.  The sapphire lens has a magnification eye for the date window on the silver dial face.  The hour, minute and second hands are polished, with inset illumination on the hour and minute hands.  The 3 link, stainless steel bracelet had the Rolex, folding Oyster clasp.

The Datejust II has the Rolex 3136, self winding, perpetual movement.  The 3100 series of movments have been used since the late 1980's and has several iterations.  the 3136 has an power reserve of approximately 35 hours, and has 31 Jewels and includes the Paraflex Shock absorber, and runs at 28,800 vph.  It is a well aged movement, and one you should have very little issue with.

The watch sells for around 6500 dollars.  And looks to be an excellent buy at that price.  You are getting a high quality time piece for well under 10,000 dollars.

The Best Men's Rolex Watch for Under 20,000 Dollars

Yacht Master II
Model: 116680
Case: 44mm Stainless steel
Band: Stainless steel
Movement: 4161 Automatic movment
Functions: HH, MM, SS, Countdown/Chronograph
Water resistance: 100M/330ft

I really like the YachtMaster II.  It is a nice looking watch and well featured watch, but I do have one little complaint.  No date window.  But that will be all I say about this watch, because otherwise, I find it to be an exceptional timepiece.

The Yachtmaster boasts a large, 44mm stainless steel case with a anodized blue command bezel that is a fully functional countdown bezel.  Spin it and synchronize it with the countdown hand.  The crown is at the 3 o'clock position and two auxiliary buttons for the countdown features, located at the 2 and 4 o'clock positions.  It has a white face with blue markings to match the blue bezel and also blue hour and minute hands, with a small seconds located at the 6 o'clock position.  It also has two red hands for the countdown mechanism.  The stainless steel band is the commonly used, Rolex Oyster band, with Oyster clasp.

The Rolex 4161 self winding movement, It has 48 jewels and runs at 28,800 vph.  It also has a 720 hour power reserve, and is one of Rolex's most cutting edge movements available.

I really like this watch, maybe because it reminds me of the Omega Planet Ocean series of watches, but maybe just because it appears to be a wonderful timepiece.  I am usually able to find it for around 16,000 dollars, so it falls well under the 20,000 price point.  And should be one considered if you are in the game for a 20,000 dollar men's watch.

Wrap up

I hope you have enjoyed The best men's Rolex watches under...  I enjoyed searching through watches for hours, to put it together.  And I hope you all come back for my future posts.  The best men's watches under blog will continue to try and find the best watches for any given price point.

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